Stacy is the Ultimate Team Player

August 13, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Stacy started traveling with Aya in 2014 when she met her recruiter, Solena. Whether she is working tele, step-down or med/surg, Stacy is consistently recognized for being exceptional.

Four years and ten assignments later, Stacy is currently in St. Louis, MO, where she once again stands out as a remarkable traveler. Leadership at her current facility raved, “Stacy is a great co-worker, she provides excellent care to patients, she is very knowledgeable and is a great resource for other nurses.”

The resourcefulness and knowledge of this nurse is felt by her coworkers as well, who frequently praise her for always being happy to lend a hand, share her skills or simply be a pillar of support during a long shift. It’s amazing to see just how important a role travelers can play on their units, and how much they contribute to the team in a short amount of time. Thank you, Stacy!

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