Southern Hospital Solves Travel Nurse Staffing Challenge with Aya Clinical Interviews

March 10, 2017 | What's Working: Featured Case Studies

Busy Hospital

A hospital in the South had over 70 open positions for longer than a month and was experiencing difficulty filling these needs.

Aya Healthcare’s workforce solutions team assessed the situation and identified that the critical issue precluding the hospital from filling its needs was the delay between receiving submissions and interviewing candidates. Due to the lag time between submission and interview, travelers were taking offers at other facilities before they could even be interviewed there.

Aya Healthcare determined that their clinical interview services would solve the problem. In order to facilitate clinical interviews, the Aya clinical services team assesses requirements with the unit managers, creates a profile of what an ideal, qualified travel nurse looks like for each unit and then interviews and makes offers on behalf of the hospital based on this criteria.

“Our hospital was initially skeptical that this solution would solve the problem,” said their Chief Nursing Officer. “But we felt confident in Aya’s clinical team and decided to give it a try.”

“I was astonished with how quickly Aya really came through,” she added. “Aya Healthcare filled 65 positions in just four weeks by leveraging their clinical interview platform.”

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