Saluting Aya Travel Nurse KaMona and All Veterans

November 11, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Today, we salute KaMona. In addition to her work as a travel nurse case manager with Aya, she’s an active duty member of the Georgia National Guard.

Of her service KaMona says:

I drill one weekend a month with my unit, so I stick to traveling around Georgia. I also activate when there’s a group of soldiers that need a provider. I’ve been activated with my unit since the beginning of April and I’ll stay on active duty status until the end of November.

In the National Guard, we’re responsible for the medical readiness of our state. Say there was a wildfire in California, they might need the National Guard firefighters to help. There are all kinds of jobs in the Guard.

I started off as a truck driver for 4 years. Everyone laughed because I’m so tiny and I drove huge trucks, but that paid for my college and I got a scholarship to go through nursing school.

When I had my son, I was still on the floor doing med surg. I loved it. I loved interacting with patients, teaching and preparing them for discharge, but the schedule just didn’t work out. The OR schedule is a little more forgiving, so I said, ‘Well, let me try it,’ and I fell in love again.

The OR is never the same day to day. There’s always a different doctor and there’re 1,000 different ways to do things.

I love travel nursing and I love being activated because I have a busy 3-year-old and he doesn’t get used to being in one place, he gets that diversity. He’s learning a whole skill set of adaptability, and he’s so proud to say his mom is in the army.

A huge congratulations to KaMona on her recent promotion to Captain! We’re thoroughly impressed (and a little intimidated) by how amazing she is.

And a happy Veterans Day to all current and former members of our armed forces. We can’t thank you enough for your service.

Delia Lewis I am proud to call her sister! Happy Veterans Day to CPT Riley.
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