Rebecca’s Travel RN Philosophy? Embrace Change!

January 9, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Aya PACU travel RN Rebecca spent most of the past year making her way up and down the West Coast, taking photo after breathtaking photo. She travels with her boyfriend, Chris, also a photographer, and their cat, Luna. Life on the road satisfies the little family’s hankering for adventure and love of art. They thoroughly document the places they visit and they even have a YouTube channel where they share their favorite moments.

Rebecca is currently on assignment in Ventura, CA and has really begun to feel like part of the community. She especially loves that people around town recognize her from working at the hospital.

Ventura’s a definite highlight, because with six travel nurse assignments under her belt, Rebecca knows things don’t always come together so perfectly. She’s discovered that she actually doesn’t mind when things are unfamiliar and even a bit uncomfortable. Always being the new kid on the block has taught Rebecca that discomfort can be one of the perks of travel nursing. “You learn,” she says. “You learn a lot about yourself as a nurse AND as a person.”

Aya Travel RN Loves the Challenge of a New Assignment

Rebecca is quick to admit that life as a traveling nurse isn’t always a walk in the park, but she sees every challenge as a chance for growth. She pushes herself to quickly gain the trust of other staff members and to observe their methods. With this mindset, Rebecca says, “I’ve learned more in the last year as a travel nurse than several years as a staff nurse!”

Constant learning opportunities have skyrocketed Rebecca’s confidence in her nursing skills. As a staff nurse, she thought, “Walking into a brand-new hospital and getting a few days of orientation sounded terrifying.” Now that she’s a veteran traveler, Rebecca can head in to any hospital and immediately be her amazing, lifesaving self!

Ready to put yourself to the test and grow your nursing skills like Rebecca? Get started here.

Travel RN Rebecca looks over ocean view in Ventura, Ca.

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