Meditation for Complete Beginners – Connection

November 17, 2017 | Aya Wellness

The third area of focus for the ABC’s of meditation is “C,” which stands for connection. It represents connection to both yourself and to others around you.

If you don’t feel connected to anything, it’s as if you need power and have an extension cord, but haven’t plugged it into anything yet. The cord won’t do you any good until you find a power source.

Here are a few ways to think about “connection:”
– You feel “tapped into” something powerful.
– You are in the flow.
– You are on the top of your game.

Let’s meditate together and tap into the complete ABCs of meditation: Awareness, Breath and finally, Connection.

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This tip is brought to you by Healing Mariah.

What makes you feel most connected? Share with us in the comments below!

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