Interviewing at Aya: We Want the Whole Package

February 19, 2018 | Life at Aya

You might have heard people say that Aya Healthcare isn’t like every other company. And they’re right! One major differentiator is the emphasis we put on employee experience — our team members are our greatest asset and making sure they’re happy is a top priority. That means when we’re hiring, we want to bring people on board who will both work hard and love it here.

Aya’s interview process is also different because we focus on the candidate as a whole, rather than only looking at experience. We care about your strengths, personality, long-term career goals, hobbies and past experience: the whole package. Our goal isn’t to make you nervous and put you on the spot, but to have a meaningful conversation and learn all about what your experience can bring to the table. In fact, many Aya employees were hired in a different role than the one for which they applied. Finding the best fit for both you and us will make sure you’re set up for success.

Our advice if you’re getting ready for an in-person interview with us? We want to know if Aya is a good long-term fit, so make sure you’ve done your research on our company and the position — and be ready to articulate how it aligns with your professional goals and personality. And most importantly, be yourself – let us get to know the real you!

Chris Hornberger I worked as a Travel Nurse with AYA, and I loved it! Every interaction with a member of the team from my recruiter to Operations, Payroll or Human Resources made me happy to say I worked for AYA! This blog speaks volumes to me. I would be extremely grateful and happy to work for and with AYA Healthcare again!
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