How Megan’s Traveling RN Path Expanded Her Family Tree [in a Surprising Way]

March 1, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Aya traveling RN Megan admits that she was apprehensive about leaving her staff job, but as soon as she started travel nursing she realized, “This lifestyle is for me!”

Megan anticipated she’d enjoy meeting new people, discovering new clinical methodologies and exploring cities like a local, but she didn’t expect that working as a traveling RN would expand her family tree. “I have a pretty large family in Savannah, so I’m definitely not the type of person who goes looking for more family,” Megan explains. “But, that’s what I have now and I LOVE them!” After nearly two years with Aya as her travel nurse company, what started as her Aya team has become her Aya family.

A travel nurse company that embraces you as family

Megan’s Aya team truly became her Aya family when several of her actual family members suffered serious health issues. As Megan puts it, “I felt like my world was crashing around me.” It was difficult to be 1,000 miles away, so recruiter-extraordinaire Jenn worked to get Megan home before her contract ended (without penalty!) and found her a new job nearby so Megan could spend time with loved ones when it mattered most.

Megan says, “I was absolutely blown away that a group of people who really hadn’t even met me at the time did something so sweet. Jenn called me every day for several weeks just to check in and make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. I wouldn’t have survived that time without my Aya family!”

Getting a California nursing license: Megan’s path leads her to California

Eventually, things were looking up for Megan and she was ready to hit the road again. Her husband’s from California and she’s always dreamt of the beautiful state parks and famous sunshine in his home state, not to mention the high pay. Plus, she jokes, “No humidity or bugs is a definite draw for this Southern girl.”

So, Megan asked her recruiter, Jenn, and her licensing specialist, Tiffany, what it would take to get a California nursing license. She hesitated when she saw how much it cost to get on your own and even messaged Tiffany to cancel but Tiffany responded, “Girl…we’ve got you covered!”

Tiffany walked Megan through the process and suggested they meet in person during an upcoming trip Megan had planned to visit her in-laws. They met to complete fingerprinting, sign a contract and enjoy a celebratory lunch. “We totally hit it off,” Megan says. Their friendship was solidified a few months later when they both attended Jenn’s wedding!

Was getting her California nursing license worth it?

Ask her and she’d say, absolutely! Megan loves her current assignment in the Bay Area; you just can’t beat that California travel nurse salary. “Compared to other parts of the country the money is very good,” she explains. Megan also likes that California staffing ratios and mandatory breaks allow her to “recharge during a hectic shift.”

For her next assignment, Megan plans to head home to Georgia to spend quality time with her biological family. After that? We’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re looking for a California traveling RN assignment (or to go anywhere else across the USA,) Aya can help you get there! Register now to start your own adventure.

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