Eastern Connecticut Health Network Streamlines Process to Save Time and Money

October 10, 2017 | What's Working: Featured Case Studies

Eastern Connecticut Health Network was working with multiple healthcare staffing firms but had few processes in place to manage their travelers and contingent labor.

A year ago, the 9-facility network used only hard copy files in the office and Excel spreadsheets for tracking. No reporting was set-up to measure the efficacy of their travel nurse staffing initiatives.

Fed up by the inefficiency of maintaining multiple vendor relationships and impressed by Aya Healthcare’s exceptional account manager and overall travel nurse staffing services, Eastern Connecticut Health Network decided to work exclusively with Aya Healthcare as their managed services provider.

Not only does Aya now manage all previous vendor relationships without disrupting service, they also expanded the health system’s network to over 140 vetted agencies with the Aya Partner Network. The health system maintains one point of contact, bill and compliance process while the partner agencies vie for their vacant travel RN roles in real-time.

All of the health system’s traveler compliance and credentialing documents are now organized in an easy-to-use online platform, Aya Connect. They can access all the files they need, whenever they need them. They also have access to customized reporting services which provide full transparency into the efficiency of their staffing programs.

Eastern Connecticut Health Network’s staffing department has piece of mind knowing that all travelers placed through Aya Healthcare are Joint Commission certified. They save time and money with efficient travel nurse staffing processes and their patient care is uninterrupted thanks to Aya Healthcare’s comprehensive staffing services.

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