Crisis Rates Averted for Major Metropolitan Health Care System

March 21, 2017 | Workforce Solutions

Busy Hospital

A five-hospital health care system in a major metropolitan area on the west coast was under an exclusive agreement with a large healthcare staffing company that struggled to fill their travel nurse staffing needs. The healthcare staffing agency proposed crisis rates as a solution. Instead, the hospital system contracted with Aya Healthcare to help alleviate their staffing challenges.

Aya’s recruiting teams focused on communicating the compelling benefits of working at the hospital system and in the metropolitan location to its loyal travel nurse base. Within the first two weeks, Aya filled all vacant travel nursing positions at the hospital system without resorting to crisis rates. To further expand the available supply of clinicians, the hospital system asked Aya to turn on its agency partner network. Utilization of the network enabled the hospital system to access clinicians from 125 additional staffing agencies while maintaining one point of contact and one streamlined compliance and billing process.

By engaging Aya, this hospital system gained access to significantly more travel nurses and eliminated the need for crisis rates. Aya now supplies 70 percent of the travel nurse volume at this hospital system, eliminating the incumbents’ ability to charge crisis rates.

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