Chance Encounter in Thailand Proves It’s a Small World After All

January 25, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our recruiter and account manager dream team, Hannah and Matt, recently took a vacation to beautiful Thailand! While on a cruise in Krabi they were mingling with some passengers and instantly connected with three friendly and outgoing women. Come to find out, the three gals were travel nurses on a break in-between assignments! Lauren had recently finished an assignment with us in San Diego, Natalie is about to start a new assignment at the same facility Lauren was with and Carly was getting ready to start her second assignment with us in Seattle! It is a small world after all!

Hannah and Matt spent the entire day with their newfound friends. They traveled to five amazing islands together and stopped along the way to snorkel and paddleboard. They even got to jump off the top deck of the boat and ate a delicious, home-cooked Thai dinner!

They ended their fun-filled day by going night swimming where they could see glow-in-the-dark plankton. Hannah and Matt reflect on their experience saying the day was incredible and “spending it with Aya nurses made it even more memorable.”

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