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Meditation for Complete Beginners – Connection

The third area of focus for the ABC’s of meditation is “C,” which stands for connection. It represents connection to both yourself and to others around you. If you don’t feel connected to anything, it’s as if you need power and have an extension cord, but haven’t plugged it into… Read More

3 Yoga Poses that Relieve Stress

When it comes to stress relief, not all yoga poses have the same effect. While yoga can help you deal with stress overall, it’s important to understand the effect various poses will have on your mind and body. Some yoga postures promote relaxation, tension relief and restfulness. While other postures… Read More

5 Quick Hacks to Reboot After a Long Travel Nurse Shift

To get through the day, we often rely on intellect and the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). But we can easily engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which signals our body to relax and restore instead. The more frequently you respond to stress this way, the less conscious effort it… Read More

Meditation for Complete Beginners – Breath

The second area of focus for the ABCs of meditation is “B,” which stands for “breath.” Our physical body responds to our breath. For example, when we’re anxious we quicken our breath, our heart rate increases and we become stressed. In stressful situations, one of the first things we do… Read More

How to Use Props to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Props help us to find more space, freedom and stability throughout our yoga practice. They were introduced into the modern practice of yoga to allow all practitioners – regardless of physical condition, age, or ability – the need for added support. With the use of props, each student is able… Read More

Nutrition for Skin Health

Thousands of people struggle with recurring skin issues. Skin conditions can be physically uncomfortable and embarrassing. It’s time to try a new approach to address these chronic conditions. Common chronic skin conditions: Acne Outbreaks Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea The traditional dermatology approach is to treat skin conditions with topical creams,… Read More

Meditation for Complete Beginners – Awareness

It’s common to have questions when you try something for the first time. Am I doing it right? Is this working? What is this going to do for me? We have a tendency to overthink and complicate things that are really quite simple, such as meditation. To better understand it,… Read More

How-to Properly Warm Up for Any Workout

Before you dive into any workout routine, it’s essential to warm-up properly. When you warm up the body, your heart rate increases, blood flows to your muscles, you prepare your lungs and also your mind for your workout. Plus, it will make you less likely to get injured. Here’s a 5-10… Read More

The Top 5 Self-Care Tips for Traveling Clinicians

Self care is an incredible tool to uncover the best version of yourself. When you put effort into a daily self-care routine, your life begins to transform! Health care professionals are constantly focused on the care of others. As a result, you can become depleted and burn out if… Read More