Bride-to-be Travel Nurses Share Their Proposal Secrets

February 13, 2019 | Clinician Stories

“We’re engaged!!!!” reads the email, text or yells the voice on the other end of the phone.

It’s one of the most exciting moments in life and something we’ve heard from our travel nurses time and time again. But we’ve also heard from others that they don’t think travel and dating can mix and we’re here to prove that wrong! So, for Valentine’s week we thought we’d share a few stories from our travel nurses who are about to tie the knot!

Alecia, Molly and Briana are about to start this wonderful next chapter, and they have lots of advice for traveler couples and single travel RNs who’d like to be in their shoes.

Alecia & Marty

How did Marty propose?
It was on our summer trip to Spain and Portugal. We had already discussed our desire to get married, but I had no idea he was going to propose on our trip! Before we left a friend of mine asked if I thought Marty would propose and I told her that would be amazing but I didn’t think it would happen. On our last night in Portugal, we went to a lookout over the city, and I said,” Thanks for going on this adventure with me.” He replied, “Of course! But, how about our next adventure?” and pulled out the ring!

Why is travel nursing a good idea for couples and people who are single?
For couples who are dating, think of all the adventure travel nursing will bring into both of your lives! Even if your boyfriend can’t exactly pack up and move with you, you can still pick a destination and plan long weekends together. Or find an assignment closer to home, nothing wrong with that! As for single ladies and gents – go travel everywhere! What an incredible opportunity to have job that can pay you well, house you and take you anywhere you’d like!

Molly & Austin

How did Austin propose?
Austin proposed to me in Glacier National Park at Lake McDonald which is one of our favorite places in the park. He took me out on a “date night” and pretended like we were just going to catch the sunset in the park after. He arranged for both of our parents to hide in the trees and surprise me, which made it very special. We went out on the dock and he got down on one knee!

What advice do you have for travel nurses who are about to go on a first date?
My first date with Austin was great! We met up for a couple beers at the local brewery. I thought this was perfect because if we decided we weren’t feeling it, we didn’t have to stick it out for a whole meal. Of course, we hit it off and ended up talking for about two hours and planned another get together before the night was over!

How are you able to balance your relationship while working as a travel nurse?
While we were working permanent jobs, we had similar schedules and both worked night shifts so doing things together outside work wasn’t difficult. When we started our first assignment our schedules were not as similar which a little tough, but it also made us plan something special for our days off together!

Briana & Henry

How did Henry propose?
I planned a ski trip in Tahoe for Henry’s birthday. I surprised him with this trip and planned everything, so I never expected him to propose on a trip I had planned! We arrived to our (now) favorite hotel, and Henry suggested we hike a trail we discovered during on one of our first assignments in Reno, Nevada. We hiked the trail and then arrived at this panoramic view of Lake Tahoe, right at sunset! Henry set up this tripod stand for his phone and asks if I wanted to take a photo. The next thing I know, he is knelt down next to me, took my hand and said “you are the best thing to have ever come into my life.”

What advice do you have for travel nurses who are looking for love?
I would say to keep your options open and don’t close yourself off just because you’re no longer in your hometown. We have a friend who we met in WA, she went on assignment, met the love of her life and he proposed to her a year later and now they travel together! The world is full of possibilities and you just never know what can happen in the travel nursing world.

The world is full of possibilities and you never know what can happen when you’re travel nursing.

Whether you’re in a relationship, trying to find “the one” or just want to focus on your career as travel nurse – Aya Healthcare has your back. Join our team today!

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