Travel Nurses Rate Aya Healthcare No. 1 in Independent Research Survey

October 31, 2016 | Aya Media Buzz , Workforce Solutions

A recent independent survey conducted by Healthcare Research & Analytics (HRA) found that more travel nurses posted positive comments on social media about Aya Healthcare than any other travel nurse staffing firm.

hra-study-resultsAya Healthcare is the most amazing travel company there is,” Mark Romero, a current traveler with Aya Healthcare declared on a Facebook travel nurse forum. “From recruiting to credentialing to payroll and now housing, it has been flawless! This is the company you want to work for.”

Travel nurses work for Aya Healthcare throughout the United States, typically on 13-week assignments. At the end of an assignment, a travel nurse can extend or choose to travel to another Aya Healthcare hospital in need of temporary clinicians.

“We’ve dedicated considerable resources to ensure our travelers have the best experiences in the industry,” says Amy Bruce, Aya Healthcare Director of Traveler Experience. “Most of the time it just boils down to doing the right thing.”

In addition to the departments that are standard in the healthcare staffing industry, like payroll, credentialing and housing, Aya has dedicated an entire team to ensure travelers have an exceptional experience. The Traveler Experience Department exists to anticipate travelers’ needs, and when the unexpected happens, has the autonomy to address any issues on the spot as they occur, day or night, seven days a week. For instance, if a traveler misses a connecting flight between assignments and is sleep deprived with nowhere to go, he or she can call Aya in the middle of the night to get things sorted out. Travelers are also surprised and delighted to receive a pizza on their birthday when on assignment with Aya Healthcare.

Recently, Staffing Industry Analysts named Aya Healthcare to their lists of the Largest Travel Nurse Firms in the United States and the Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms. Currently, 11% of travel nurses in the United States work for Aya Healthcare.

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