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Aya Travelers Shine at Facilities Across the Country

December 11, 2018 | Aya Travelers Brag Board

Our clinicians enjoy travel nurse assignments across the country and we love hearing facilities rave about the above-and-beyond care they give to patients.

Here’s a round-up of some glowing feedback about a variety of our travelers!

Jeremy rocks his assignment in New Mexico

One of our travelers recently received two letters of commendation for his care! One patient stated, “What I can tell you is that my brief stay at the hospital was five stars. Everyone was great. But I would like to point out two individuals. One was my day nurse, Jeremy. He was very helpful, and you can tell he loved his job.”

Another patient wrote that “Jeremy really did make my pain go away that first night while I awaited surgery… across the board my care was responsive, compassionate and professional.”

A charge nurse at the facility told our reference team that “He’s very smart. He’s not afraid to take additional patients or physiologically challenging patients — he is a great resource and has great time management.”

Nice work, Jeremy!

Aya traveler Jeremy wearing a red shirt standing in a doorway

Aya travelers impress at their assignments in Georgia

Two travelers at one facility received a shout out from management. They sent a quick note to Aya letting us know that we have “exceptional travelers” and she wanted them to be recognized.

High five to Shea and London — keep up the great work!

Christy makes an impact during her travel assignment in North Carolina

Aya traveler Christy made a lasting impression on a patient she cared for recently. The patient was so moved she sent Christy a thank you card that said “You saved my life multiple times and were the best advocate I could have.”

Way to go, Christy!

Thank you note that Christy received from her patientAya traveler Christy sitting on a boulder after a hike

Acknowledging amazing travel nurses

If you’ve noticed an Aya traveler going the extra mile, why not nominate them for an award? Aya partnered with the DAISY Foundation so we can recognize excellence in travel nursing.

We encourage you to submit a DAISY Award nomination today!

Matrisam Congrats Buddy!!!!!
Julia Wow! This is amazing! Way to go, Christy! Thank you for all that you do!
Steve Nunez This does not surprise me as Christy cares soo much about her job and patients! Keep being a rockstar Christy!!
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