Aya Traveler Says “Aloha” to Adventures in Hawaii

September 18, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Jamie is on assignment in beautiful Hawaii which has been, in her words, her “favorite destination so far.” She loves the friendly locals and has befriended quite a few travel nurses since she arrived. Jamie enjoys the fact that the Big Island is so unique with its active volcano, white, black and even green sand beaches — one of only four in the world!  Jamie also just had to say “aloha” to the top of Mauna Kea to watch the gorgeous sunset and stargaze into the night.

Hiking through stunning valleys, exploring roaring waterfalls and trying all the local food have all been incredible in Jamie’s opinion. She gushes, “There are fruits here that I have never seen before and they taste amazing.” Snorkeling has become one of her favorite activities; she loves swimming with the sea turtles! Jamie can see herself traveling to different islands and would love to work in Maui. Once she explores all that Hawaii has to offer, Jamie plans to back to the mainland for many more travel nursing adventures!

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