Aya Travel Pair Lives as the Locals Do While On Assignment

August 28, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Ben and Becky have been with Aya for over a year,  have worked in five different states, hit both the East and West Coasts and are currently settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Becky says, “We have been able to so much of the country together. It’s great to be able to share this time together and explore new cities.” After all, this is what travel nursing is all about!

Their daily schedules can be a little tricky because Becky works days and Ben works nights but even with opposite schedules, they always manage to try something new during the week. They recently managed a weekend getaway to Portland, which turned out to be a foodies dream come true. Portland has tons of food trucks and breweries and Ben and Becky also stumbled upon a cookie dough bar, which they admit they’re, in Becky’s words, “still in awe of.”

Ben and Becky usually find out what locals prefer to do, whether that’s hiking a beautiful trail with their adorable pup, Olive, trying a hot new restaurant or attending a festival! As Becky puts it, “We try to do all touristy things in the first two weeks and then we live like the locals, or at least try to.”

Soon they will live like locals and savvy travelers alike, when they  attend the Albuquerque’s famous International Balloon Fiesta in October. Becky is super excited for the famous event, explaining, “Hundreds of hot balloons take flight daily for a week straight!” They’ve also heard from friends that they need to order food “Christmas style”, which includes both red and green hot sauce. It sounds like their taste buds are about to take flight along with those balloons! And we sense many adventures, culinary and otherwise, ahead for this duo.

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