Aya Travel Pair Saving Lives in the ER

May 25, 2018 | Clinician Stories
Aya recruiter, Zeid (left), was recently met up with Frieda and Michael at Karl Strauss in San Diego!

Michael and Frieda are currently working their first Aya assignment in El Centro, CA. They support the emergency department, and this duo is proof that travel nurses are so much more than temporary relief for a busy unit. Halfway through their assignment, Aya received a glowing review from their facility after receiving the below feedback from a patient. The hospital is so grateful for the passion these two nurses bring to work every day.

I also wanted to take the time to let you know that you have amazing staff in the ER. Unfortunately my family had a late night visit to the ER and your staff really took care of my grandfather and my whole family. Our nurses were Frieda and Michael from your trauma department and WOW they are amazing. They both had this amazing personality and work ethic. Not only did they help keep my grandfather alive, but they took the time to explain every step of the way so that we understood what was going on. They are a big part of why he is still here with us. Your whole staff in there is just incredible. I don’t think we take enough time to acknowledge them and thank them for all they do. I just really needed to let you know that all of you are doing an amazing job serving our community and we couldn’t be more blessed!

Thank you, Michael and Frieda, for all the hard work and exceptional nursing care you provide. There are surely many more stories from your patients like this, and Aya is lucky to have you on our team!

Zeid It was such a fun day getting to know these travelers in person! We are lucky to have them as a part of our team!!!
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