Aya Travel Nurses Meet Their Recruiter in Santa Monica

March 20, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our senior recruiter, Dan, got to meet up with his travel nurses, Haleigh and Lauren, in beautiful Santa Monica! Both ladies are on their third assignment in Yuma, AZ and they decided to drive up to LA and explore for a few days.

Together they checked out the pier which includes lots of fun games and a ferris wheel! After that they grabbed burgers and drinks and shared stories from all of their travel nursing experiences. Lauren and Haleigh took their first assignments with us in Pensacola, FL which is known for its gorgeous beaches, tall ships and lively downtown area. For their second assignment they went to the country music capital- Nashville! Besides being home to hundreds of music venues, Nashville is also known for its delicious southern food and friendly locals. Haleigh and Lauren have loved their assignments in these warm weather states and we’re so glad they could meet Dan during their most recent travel adventure!

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