Aya Travel Nurse Takes on the Country One Skyline at a Time

January 8, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our travel nurse, Madison, is taking on the country one skyline at a time! So far she has worked in Tennessee, North Carolina, Iowa and she’s now on her fifth assignment in San Diego, CA.

Madison accomplished so much this past year. She visited an impressive 24 different cities – 13 of them for the first time! She gained experience in three different nursing specialties, celebrated her one year Aya-versary and jokes that she learned A LOT about corn while she was in the Midwest.

As she remembers the people she met on her travels she reflects, “some patients you just will remember forever and remind you that you’re doing what you’re called to do.” We see many more skylines on the horizon for Madison and we are proud to help her fulfill all of her travel nursing dreams!

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