Aya Travel Nurse Starts Her Own Vlog

January 24, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our travel nurses are always up for a challenge! Sarah, who’s been with us since 2012, has set a tough goal for herself this year. She just finished up an assignment in Santa Fe and is headed to Marietta, GA where she plans to set off to conquer the demanding but beautiful Appalachian Trail.

An avid hiker who is often accompanied by her two dogs, Buckshot and Dinga, Sarah is really looking to push her limits as she explores all 2,190 scenic miles. Like many others who have attempted this hike Sarah knows the distance will be a challenge, but she is determined to finish and we believe in her 110%!

Hear Sarah describe why she’s set this goal and what it means to her here:

And stay tuned as we continue to follow her Appalachian Trail adventure on her vlog!

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