Aya Travel Nurse Plays by the Gypsy Rule Book in Reno

May 25, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our recruiter, Kelly, is always happy when she gets a new email from her travel nurse, Calee! Calee is always in a great mood and is prone to creative and fun email subject lines (like “On the bright side”) when she has new travel nursing stories to tell. She’s currently on assignment in Reno where she encountered these gorgeous horses at the Cottonwood Ranch in O’Neil Basin near Wells, NV. And the handsome cowboy on the cover of Reno Magazine? Well, that just happens to be her fiancé! Calee says Cottonwood Ranch where the photo was shot is “an amazing place with kind people”.

Never a one-trick pony, Calee also teaches aerial yoga on the side! As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, she has taught everything from interval training and water aerobics to kickboxing and ab classes but Yoga and the circus arts are a whole new adventure for her. Calee fell in love with the disciplines when she went to circus school at Flowbox in Southern California. She advises, if you’re “ever near Palm Springs, you must see one of their shows or go to a class and try it out!!”

Calee says she plays by a “gypsy’s rule book….which doesn’t have many rules!” And she explains, “What I enjoy about travel nursing is that I don’t have to make plans too far ahead if I don’t want. New job assignments open every day and Aya is great at getting me to new awesome places fast! I plan to travel as long as I can and to see as much of this beautiful world as I can while doing what I love.”

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