Aya Travel Nurse Onewheels Through Reno

August 17, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our travel nurse, Sarah, is on her first travel assignment in Reno! She’s had the opportunity to work alongside training resident doctors — a first for Sarah — and she’s learned so much from them. Laura enjoys exploring and is very close to beautiful Lake Tahoe! She also enjoys visiting the Truckee River where she takes her two dogs, which she refers to as her “children,” to swim.

You’ll notice Sarah loves to show off her onewheel skills! She got into onewheeling when she went on a first date with her now boyfriend, Dustin! He asked casually, “Hey wanna grab a bite to eat and learn how to onewheel?” And she asked, “Learn how to what?” The rest is history for these two lovebirds. It’s a fun way for them get outside and stay active, but it’s also “what brought us together so it holds a dear place to my heart” Sarah explains.

As she reflects on her Aya experience so far, Sarah mentions how welcoming everyone has been. Her workload is different now but her career is expanding and she feels she has become a better, more well-rounded nurse. She would also like to shout out a few of her Aya team members: “Special thanks to my recruiter, Kara, and my credentialing specialist, Laura, who was also so supportive! I couldn’t be happier with the team.”


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