Aya Travel Nurse Makes the Most of Every Moment

June 18, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Rachel started traveling with us just last year and thus far, has let opportunity be her guide. California was high on her bucket list so when the chance to travel out West came along, she of course jumped on it! As a NICU nurse, Rachel is committed to her career and prides herself on providing “the best and safest care to families and their newborns.”

When she isn’t at work Rachel has her mind set on, in her words, “exploring and expanding my mind, heart and soul.” Some days she says that’s, “as simple as driving out into the desert, laying on the hood of my car and star gazing.” Other days her soul craves a greater change of pace, like the time she felt the itch to leave the country and so drove south until she hit the vibrant streets of Tijuana, Mexico.

Rachel feels incredibly lucky to have the ability to explore new areas for a living and strives to make the most of every moment. She tells us, “Sometimes I forget I’m even there for work, it feels like I’m on a permanent vacation.” As you can tell by these photos, her 3-year-old golden retriever, Boozer, also seems to be adjusting quite well to their new California lifestyle. Sometimes Rachel thinks he might enjoy traveling more than she does!


Photographer: Cherry Tree Photography

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