Aya Travel Nurse Looks Back on Her Journey Thus Far

May 31, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Our travel nurse, Maggie, was thrilled when she got to meet her recruiter, Solena, in Sacramento! Maggie has worked with Solena since 2014 and has now been on more than 10 assignments. She currently works nights as an ER nurse and loves that she’s not always sure what the night may bring or what interesting cases she might get to be a part of. Maggie has found a real sense of community at the small access, rural facility in northern Nevada where she currently works.  She says all of her co-workers are very supportive and work well together- which as you can imagine, is crucial in the ER. Maggie can’t get enough of this facility. She worked there once before in 2016 and decided to come back because she loved it so much!

As true traveler, Maggie set her sights on visiting all 50 states – and she only has Alaska to go! Throughout her journey thus far she has checked quite a few things off her bucket list including exploring ice caves in Iceland, trekking through Antelope Canyon in Arizona, swimming with turtles in Hawaii and visiting every National Park in California!

Traveling across the country has been a learning experience for Maggie. She’s originally from the South and finds herself constantly learning new things like how to drive in the snow. She’s found she loves backpacking, hiking and camping. Outdoor activities are her, as she says, “absolute favorite things to do!”

Above all, travel nursing has taught Maggie to be more independent. She’s conquered a lot of first-time experiences such as changing a tire on her own, enjoying a meal at a restaurant by herself and embarking on a solo cross country adventure (unless you count her dog, Delilah, and you have to count Delilah). Maggie has grown as a person in more ways than she could have imagined, “Traveling has taught me more life lessons than I ever thought possible,” she says. “I certainly would not have been as adventurous as I am now had I not changed jobs to be a travel nurse.”

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