Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Summer in New England

July 19, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Check out these wicked cool waterfalls! Our travel nurse, Terressa, is enjoying summertime in beautiful Massachusetts. She loves to go hiking in the wilderness, deep sea fishing and kayaking and tells us that there’s no shortage of fun local activities in the area. “There are so many different festivals I can’t name them all!” Theresa laughs. The Scottish Festival, which features dancers, delicious Scottish food and musical entertainment, is next on her list!

Terressa’s a social butterfly and is having a blast meeting so many different people. She’s thrilled she decided to travel and says, “I love being a traveling nurse because I get to see, do and try so many different things. I would not be able to do these adventures if I was in a permanent job. I wish I would have started traveling years ago.”

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