Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Outdoor Excursions in NH

August 20, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Who doesn’t love the idea of an extended vacation? Certainly not Courtney, who decided to become an Aya travel nurse because, as she says “sometimes 1 week somewhere on vacation is not enough!” With this career choice she gets to try new things, make new friends and see new sights. Courtney has also been exposed to new ERs, level one trauma centers and pediatric units thanks to travel nursing. With all this experience, she’ll be able to make an educated decision regarding the type of ER she settles down in one day.

Courtney is currently on assignment in New Hampshire, where her parents took her camping in the White Mountains every year as a kid. She knew that this was the first destination she wanted to work in. There’s no shortage of incredible lakes, hiking trails,  breweries and amusement parks in this part of the country. Courtney loves photography and can be found taking pictures of breathtaking local views on her days off. She also spends a lot of time exploring the coastline where you can find Hampton, Weirs and Jenness beach. If you love the great outdoors — New Hampshire really does offer the best of both worlds!


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