Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Hawaii Life

August 13, 2018 | Clinician Stories

When you grow up with five sisters, traveling can be difficult. That was life for Aya travel nurse Kayla. She vacationed in Myrtle Beach with her family every year, always wanted more. Kayle explains, “I would always see pictures of beautiful beaches and mountains and knew one day I wanted to see it all!”

Kayle worked as a nurse in Pennsylvania for five years before she felt she was ready for a change. Travel nursing felt like the logical next step. She tells us, “I love change and I love meeting new people so I had a sense that travel nursing would be for me.“

She sensed right! Kayle’s travel nursing career is kicking off in paradise, also known as Hawaii. The beautiful beaches she’s always dreamed of are now basically her backyard and when asked about Hawaii she says, “It is even more beautiful in person.” When she isn’t on shift she loves active outdoor activities like hiking, snorkeling and paddle boarding. Her Air BnB host also recently introduced her to outrigger canoeing and Kayle gushes, “It is super fun and a great workout!” She also takes time to relax, hang by the beach, take in the culture, try amazing food and drink delicious local coffee. She plans to travel for a while, sticking to states that have great hiking. If you plan to hike Washington, Colorado or Arizona in the next few years, be on the lookout for Kayle on those trails!

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