Aya Successfully Staffs 100 Military Medical Center Positions

November 9, 2017 | Workforce Solutions

Aya Healthcare partnered with a premier military medical facility to staff 100 temporary clinicians and assist in the successful deployment of a new Military Health System electronic health record (EHR) platform. Aya placed quality nurses quickly to ensure the medical center could continue medical operations uninterrupted while their regular staff trained and prepared for MHS Genesis, the new Department of Defense (DoD) System.

“Aya nurses continue to provide state-of-the-art care and have become the backbone for the staff to rely on to maintain outstanding quality of care without skipping a beat,” said the medical center’s director of operations. “Their dedication and attention to detail has been exceptional. Many of the Aya nurses have even earned local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) awards and letters of appreciation from DoD beneficiaries.”

Aya nurses with EHR experience have offered first-hand experience to the facility’s clinicians preparing for the new system. Meanwhile, Aya’s fully-equipped healthcare staffing team has helped ensure all temporary staffing operations run smoothly so they can focus on preparing their facility for the transition.

“It is obvious that the Aya Healthcare team, comprised of exceptional leaders, an outstanding human resource support team, a first-rate credentialing staff and attentive recruiters ensures that each Aya nurse is taken care of, so that they can focus on providing optimal care and the best outcomes,” added the director. “Thank you for the outstanding leadership and support … with remarkable nurses that continue to provide safe, high-quality care, with the utmost professionalism, knowledge and caring touch.”

Thanks to Aya Healthcare’s robust travel RN staffing services and exceptional customer service, the military medical center is on their way to a successful and seamless EHR conversion.

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