Aya Nurse Proves Travelers Are Essential to the Team

July 13, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Alecia has traveled with Aya since January 2017. She started out working med-surg positions in Spartanburg and Albany before landing in Columbus, GA, to support long-term care (LTC) patients. She has been on her current unit for the past nine months and is a true member of the LTC team. As her final extension comes to an end and Alecia prepares to move on to the next travel assignment, her facility contacted Aya to express what a pleasure having her around has been.

Specifically, her manager said, “She is the best all-around nurse we have ever had here. She is not only a highly skilled nurse, but always compassionate and professional no matter what situation may arise. I would love to hire her again, but she wants to do another travel assignment.”

Anyone who has worked with Alecia at Aya has felt that same kindness from her. She has always been a wonderful person to work with and is obviously a nursing natural. Thank you for everything you do, Alecia! There is no doubt this traveler will continue to make a lasting impression at each facility she visits.

Watch the video below to hear a shout out from Alecia’s recruiter, Stephanie!

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