Aya MSP Helps IASIS Healthcare in Utah Hire Quality Candidates Quickly

July 13, 2017 | Workforce Solutions

Aya Healthcare IASIS Utah Case StudyIASIS Healthcare, a large national healthcare services organization, struggled to fill nursing roles internally at their five acute care hospitals in Utah. They contracted with multiple staffing agencies to help fill their needs, but still lacked high quality candidates.

Without a centralized staffing process, IASIS Healthcare faced an administrative burden juggling numerous vendor relationships and managing the influx of traveler candidates. They were down full time employees and had long-standing positions to fill, so they contacted Aya Healthcare to help.

“It’s overwhelming to manage multiple vendors, receive constant phone calls, pay separate invoices and also review, interview and approve submitted candidates,” said IASIS Healthcare Senior Healthcare Recruiter Gregg Hale. “But we needed the staffing support and knew we could trust Aya to help find a solution.”

Aya used a multi-pronged approach to resolve IASIS Healthcare’s staffing issues. First, their multiple vendor relationships were consolidated into one process, one bill and one point of contact through the Aya Partner Network. This expanded their vendor panel to more than 140 vetted agencies vying for their candidates in real-time, all managed by Aya.

Next, IASIS Healthcare implemented Aya Connect, Aya’s proprietary software, to organize their traveler compliance documentation and view submitted candidate information easily. Prior to using Aya Connect, they lacked a centralized resource to review and approve submitted travel RNs. Plus, they were still using printed compliance paperwork, which was time consuming to access and organize. Thanks to Aya Connect, IASIS Healthcare can now easily access candidate profiles and view all current traveler paperwork with the click of a button.

Finally, because top candidates choose assignments quickly, IASIS Healthcare’s lag time to review candidate profiles and submit offers meant travelers accepted positions at other facilities. One unit started using Aya Clinical Interviews auto offer service, which helped complete their interview process in 48 hours and secure the best travel nurses on the market. Aya coached other units on the importance of interview speed and has since improved their number of placements.

Within one week of leveraging the Aya Partner Network, activating Aya Connect and utilizing Aya Interviews, IASIS Healthcare filled more than a dozen vacant roles.

“It has been so easy to fill our Utah nurse positions ever since we simplified things with Aya,” says Hale. “Their travel nurse staffing solutions and exceptional service helped us meet our staffing needs quickly and consistently.”

Thrilled by the results, exceptional customer service and ease of using Aya’s full suite of workforce solutions, IASIS Healthcare Utah named Aya Healthcare their exclusive managed services provider last fall. All staffing needs are now filled within five days thanks to Aya’s robust travel nurse staffing services and workforce solutions.

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