Aya Heathcare Supports Future Generations of Tritons in UC San Diego 5K Fundraising Race

April 13, 2017 | Aya in the Community

Aya Healthcare Supports UC San Diego in the Triton 5K Fundraising RaceOn Sunday, April 9 a team of Aya Healthcare employees, many of which are UC San Diego graduates, ran in the UC San Diego Triton 5K race. As an Olympian sponsor, Aya provided a one-time scholarship to a disadvantaged UC San Diego student.

UC San Diego alumnus Alan Braynin founded Aya Healthcare in 2001 and has employed many graduates of the university since then, including Aya’s Vice President of Recruiting Bret D’Vincent, a thirteen year veteran of the company.

“I would not have been hired at Aya if it was not for attending UCSD,” says D’Vincent. “I knew I didn’t have as much experience as Alan wanted but was able to leverage the preparation and education I received at UCSD to provide him with an extra level of confidence that he would be making the appropriate decision to hire me.”

D’Vincent was grateful for scholarships he received during his time at the university, which he says, “helped out tremendously.”

Other alumni love the idea of participating in a fun run as a way to give back to future generations of Tritons.

“I just love the fact that the company I’m working for now is supporting my alma mater,” says Aya Healthcare Recruiter Coordinator Bailey Smith. “It makes me feel proud to be a UCSD alumna and proud to work for such a great company that’s willing to help people pay for college.”

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