Aya Healthcare Selected by BJC HealthCare for Staffing Assistance

August 31, 2017 | Workforce Solutions

BJC HealthCare has selected Aya Healthcare to provide staffing assistance during the implementation of a single, integrated electronic medical record (EMR) across BJC’s multiple facilities. The selection was based on Aya’s depth of experience and reputation with clients, clinicians and partner vendors.

Aya will supply over 300 temporary clinicians to provide patient care while BJC nurses train on the new Epic EMR software.

When the EMR implementation is complete, BJC will have an integrated health record system that incorporates clinical documentation from all areas of patient care into one single database, streamlining processes for clinicians and enhancing clinical quality. Patient care will be enhanced through improved communication and information sharing between patients and their care providers.

To learn more about Aya’s EMR conversion staffing services click here.

LINDA EVENSON where is BJC I have no idea but possibly may be interested in this position do you still need icu positions for houston...i used to live there and know the area very well. Linda Evenson 951 330 6663
Hi Linda - Thank you for your interest in these opportunities. Your contact information has been passed along to our recruitment team who will follow-up with you regarding what's available. Thank you again!
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