Aya Healthcare Recruiters Share their 2018 Recruiting Resolutions

January 22, 2018 | Life at Aya

2018 is gearing up to be another incredible year here at Aya Healthcare where we place travel nurses in their dream job at healthcare facilities across the country.

Here, a few of our recruiters share how they’d like to provide even more exceptional experiences to their travel nurses in the year ahead.

  • Audrey S.: My 2018 New Year’s resolution is to continue to build long-lasting, quality relationships! I see booking a traveler as much more than a number or part of a goal. I love my job because I have the ability to show compassion toward others and to get to know my nurses on a personal level. It’s not just a booking, each nurse becomes a new friend.
  • Daniel N: My resolution is to make my process more personalized for my nurses and less transactional. It helps me enjoy my job even more and enhances my nurses’ experience with Aya … Win-win for everybody.
  • Emily Z.: I’d like to develop more substantial relationships with my RNs – happy nurse, happy recruiter! I’d also like to dig deeper into WHY nurses want to travel and encourage them to feel comfortable enough to open up and be 100% transparent. Finally, I’d love to learn more about the cities and hospitals where my nurses are on assignment. For instance, what do they love most about the location and what weren’t they crazy about? That way I can learn the best selling points from the RNs themselves!
  • Audrey O.: This year I’d like to get more referrals each quarter than I did the quarter before. It’s important to know that my nurses enjoy working with me and when they refer me to their friends, it shows they are happy and confident in my ability to get them a job.
  • Kenan C.: My number one goal for this year is to take the third quarter and work remotely. Each week I’d like to visit one of the spots where my nurses are on assignment. I’d basically be a “gypsy recruiter” and get to meet my nurses and visit their awesome locations.
  • Donita W.: My New Year’s resolution for working with my nurses is to personalize their overall travel experience. I’d love to start by sending out regular, personalized communications that keep my nurses updated and informed, while helping me stand out!
  • Dane H.: My goal for 2018 is to work with more “new” nurses. I want to grow my new nurses while still helping out my legacy – tried and true – all stars. I hope to accomplish this by getting exceptional referrals and then by placing the new nurses where I know they will be happy, which can lead to even more referrals from happy travelers! Ahh, the circle of recruiting life.
  • Colin C.: In 2018 I hope to work with solid nurses that want an assignment as much as I want to secure them one.
  • Charles C.: My resolution is to meet more of my travelers in person this year. This helps me connect with them on a much deeper level. I’ve been able to see how much these nurses truly care about doing a great job and it really helps me push hard for them. I am planning to travel around the country more this year and will be intentional about meeting up with my travelers during the trips!

Are you a nurse interested in working with one of Aya’s remarkable recruiters to secure your 2018 travel assignments? We encourage you to apply here.

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