Aya Healthcare Launches Video Series to Help Healthcare Leaders Retain Workers

February 24, 2022 | Aya Media Buzz , Press Releases

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 24, 2022 – Aya Healthcare, the largest healthcare staffing agency in the U.S., launched a master class video series to provide nurse leaders tangible strategies to keep their workers employed and happy. Backed by findings from IRB-reviewed research, the series is designed to help leaders understand the underlying root causes of the current strain on our nursing workforce and offers resources to help navigate the road ahead.

The great resignation, burnout, and retirement are driving up the number of staff nurse vacancies in hospitals across the country. The number has doubled to nearly two hundred thousand open staff jobs since the start of the pandemic. The case for effective workforce development and retention strategies has never been more important.

The master class is led by April Hansen, MSN, RN, group president of workforce solutions at Aya Healthcare. “No one could foresee the impact that the pandemic would have on the humans in this business – our care providers,” says Hansen. “Every month the ‘quit’ numbers grow higher and higher. Transformation is needed now more than ever, and we hope that the master class provides helpful tools and resources to assist healthcare leaders begin their journey of transformation.”

The master class is a four-part video series with each video approximately 12 minutes each. The topics featured include:
• Understanding the Market Dynamics and Current Impacts on the Workforce – This session will help the audience understand the underlying root causes of the current strain on the workforce.
• Mind the Gap Qualitative Research – This session will walk the audience through the IRB-reviewed research methodology and explore the key findings.
• Advance and Protect Mental Health and Well-Being – This session will explore how leaders can be more intentional in addressing psychological needs, build cultures of resilience and help healthcare workers recover from what they have gone through.
• Steps to Take Now – This session addresses how to uncover an individual’s motivations and provides recommendations on how to retain an engaged workforce.

“Nurses make up the largest workforce in healthcare organizations, and they are called to serve,” says Dr. Tiffany Love, associate vice president and chief nursing officer for the University of Vermont Health Network. “This leadership series brought to light valuable insights to help guide my need to lead differently. Understanding the motivating factors that influence a nurse’s career decision is an essential part of my strategy to become an employer of choice and re-engage nurses who left.”

To access the master class series: US Healthcare Workforce Retention Strategies, visit www.ayahealthcare.com/mind-the-gap-master-class.

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