Aya Clinical Services Dramatically Improves Outcomes for Large California Health System

January 11, 2018 | Workforce Solutions

Since May of 2015, Aya Healthcare has filled open nurse roles at a nonprofit healthcare system that treats more than half a million patients in California annually. Like many other healthcare systems in the country, including BJC HealthCare, the organization is undergoing an electronic medical record (EMR) conversion, which has increased their need for temporary clinicians.

To help find high-quality temporary clinicians quickly, the organization partnered with the Aya Clinical Services team to utilize advanced clinical screening and interviewing processes. Since September of 2016, Aya’s clinical team has worked with the hospital system’s unit managers to gain a complete understanding of their unique unit environments and organizational culture through a unit assessment process.

The details of the in-depth unit assessment make it easy for Aya’s 150+ recruiters to identify potential candidates who then get further vetted by the Clinical Services team to ensure they are best-matched to care for the organization’s patients and families. This helps the health system’s unit managers avoid many of the administrative hurdles inherent in managing the interview process and lets them simply offer the final say in which candidates are extend offers.

Additionally, Aya shares open needs with their vast Partner Network of more than 140 preferred vendors to ensure clinical roles are filled quickly with the best available talent at market rates. This ensures the health system isn’t pressured to pay crisis rates or sacrifice quality. Thanks to the Aya Partner Network, hundreds of additional recruiters work hard to fill the health system’s clinical needs in real-time – all through one Aya point-of-contact, a single bill and a unified process.

Since Aya’s Clinical Services team stepped in to help, the health care system’s travel RN cancellation rate has decreased by 9.4%, while clinical cancellations have been reduced to a mere 1.9%! Their extension rates to Aya travelers have also increased by 38% now that Aya Clinical Interviews are utilized.

Aya Healthcare’s stringent process and commitment to working with the highest quality clinicians means better clinical outcomes for clients and the patients and families they serve. Nurses processed through the Aya Clinical Services team have an average of seven years of bedside experience and over 70% of Aya’s nurses hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Aya is also the first travel nurse staffing company in the industry to launch a professional recognition model complete with advanced education in evidence-based care and promotion of professional practice.

The major California healthcare system can now adequately staff their facilities with high-quality clinicians and serve a booming patient population as the entire organization launches their new Epic EMR in waves over the next year.

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