Aya Clients Make a Difference for Thousands Throughout the World

March 15, 2022 | Aya in the Community

Every day, our clients make a difference in their patients’ lives and their community. Beyond taking care of patients, healthcare facilities throughout the nation provide valuable care for their local communities. Supporting community-oriented programs helps address and combat social determinants that contribute to health disparity and inequities.  

But during the past holiday season, Aya Healthcare gave clients the opportunity to make a difference beyond their local community. Aya Healthcare partnered with Gifts for Good to provide clients with a selection of gifts that support a nonprofit or small business here in the US or around the world. In lieu of a gift, clients could choose a donation to be made to a noteworthy cause.  

Clients appreciated the opportunity to give back this holiday season for causes that were near and dear to their heart:

“Thank you for such a kind and uplifting gift this time of year. Grateful to have the opportunity to pay it forward to those who need it most.”  

“I’ll be gifting my gift as a donation to a local bakery that assists with career training for adults with disabilities.”  

“Thank you for the gift of giving. I was happy to donate to provide clean drinking water. Something we all take for granted and even buy drinking water versus what’s provided.” 

“Allowing me to donate hours for mental health counseling truly means so much.  When you see the tired, stressed-out nurses working day after day on those units, you can’t help but feel compassion for them and their job. I hope this makes a difference in a healthcare worker’s day. If we can help just one nurse, then we’ve done our job!”   

“Thank you for this option of truly a gift for good. As a healthcare worker during this pandemic, I recognize the impact it has had on our peers, patient population and global community. While initial efforts from every organization were focused on appropriate action items such as staffing, physical bed spaces, adequate PPE and enough ventilators, mental health has been lurking in the shadows. I’m grateful to be offered the option to provide mental health training hours to a healthcare worker.” 

“Thank you so much for this opportunity to provide a positive impact on our LGBTQ+ community, especially for our youth.” 

“I was having the toughest start of my day until I came across this email. Thank you for thinking of me and gifting me in a way that is giving back to our people and planet.” 

“This is an incredible gift to give, we’ve been incredibly blessed, and I would much rather give back than receive something myself. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and desire to help others during this time. My sincere thanks for the gift and being given the opportunity to give school supplies to kids that are in need. This is close to my heart as a former school teacher who had kids that would come to school with absolutely nothing to use to learn.” 

“Giving to others is what I love to do best. My girls helped me choose and the impact of giving water to people in Africa will resonate in their minds for years to come.” 

Small acts of generosity can make a big difference. Through our shared vision of giving, we’ve made an incredible impact around the world.  

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