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6 Aya Travel Nurses Absolutely Crushing It on the Job

January 18, 2019 | Aya Travelers Brag Board

We never get tired of hearing about Aya clinicians’ exceptional work ethic and top-notch patient care. Thank you to the managers and patients who alerted us of the amazing work our travel nurses are doing across the country.

Natasha Receives A Special Patient Shout Out

During one of her travel nursing jobs in Maryland, Natasha’s patient told her nurse manager, “My nurse, Natasha, was a real sweetheart. She really stood out for me. She was very friendly, and her work was excellent.”

Way to go, Natasha!

Andrea Nominated for DAISY Award

Aya travel ICU RN Andrea impressed her coworkers at her facility so thoroughly that she was nominated for a DAISY award! The nomination mentions that Andrea is:

“Extremely patient oriented. Organized and conscientious regarding duties to patients. Did a very good job explaining post-op home care. An excellent representative of the facility.”

Travel nurse Andrea smiling in scrubs

Lee Receives Cheers for Peers

During her Indiana assignment, Aya travel nurse Lee received praise from her facility. They say her patients are constantly telling her supervisors how much they love her!

One of her supervisors mentioned, “While rounding today I heard some really nice things from the patients about Lee and wanted to give her a ‘Cheers for Peers’ for doing an excellent job with patient care.”

Ashley Lauded for a Job Well Done

While travel nursing California style, Ashley received appreciative feedback from colleagues for “a job well done.” They thanked her for “providing excellent nursing care” to the facility’s stroke population.

Thank you for all that you do, Ashley!

Travel RN Ashley smiling in front of ocean sunset

Lindsey an Integral Part of a Rock Star Team

Lindsey recently completed a night shift so notable that her entire team received this shout out:

“All night long, I observed nothing but great teamwork, communication, and exceptionally good patient care. It is such a pleasure to be working with you.”

Kristin Receives a Rave Review from a Coworker

A tech who worked alongside our traveling rn, Kristin, wrote her this amazing shout out after Kristin was able to put him at ease during a tricky heart procedure. He says that Kristin can handle anything that comes her way in the OR, and he couldn’t thank her enough for all that she’s done during her time on this assignment! Read the full shout out here:



Auntie Donnice Congratulations Ashley! My niece Ashley is so very tender ..... has a heart of gold .... just who someone would want taking care of them!
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