3 Things You’ll Love About a Healthcare Staffing Job at Aya

September 5, 2019 | Life at Aya

You’ve been scouring the internet for hours a day, looking for that perfect job. Maybe you’ve applied for a few, but nothing that seems overly exciting or life-changing. All you want to do is live your best life with a fulfilling job at a company where you’re treated like a human, not a number. Is that too much to ask? It’s not, and you might be overlooking your dream job because it’s in an industry you’ve never even heard of. Healthcare staffing jobs might sound obscure, but there are more openings than you think!

The healthcare staffing industry is booming, but it’s a niche that not everyone knows about. To give the most basic explanation, healthcare staffing companies place clinicians, including nurses, allied professionals and doctors, in hospitals across the country when they have a staffing shortage, just need some extra help around flu season or because of a large-scale project. While there’s a lot more to it than that, the point is there are tons of jobs with healthcare staffing companies like Aya Healthcare, and we’re willing to bet that you’d love at least one of them!

Here are three reasons why we think we’ve got your dream job waiting for you:

Make an impact on patient care without ever stepping foot into a hospital

You want to change the world, right? Let’s face it. Everyone does. But if you start smaller, this bigger ambition might feel more attainable. Although there’s no contact with actual patients, employees working healthcare staffing jobs directly impact patient care. Whether you’re a recruiter finding the best clinicians to provide that care, or someone in payroll who makes sure the clinicians get paid on time and correctly, you have a hand in helping patients and their families receive care from highly qualified nurses, doctors, therapists and more.

Be an entrepreneur (but we’ll give you a safety net)

So, you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, but the thought of starting your own business is terrifying. Well, when you’re a clinician recruiter for a healthcare staffing agency, that’s exactly what you’re doing! You make the calls, create your own book of business and recruit as many amazing, highly qualified nurses as you want. It’s all up to you. Of course, there might be times when it’s a little slower, so you’ve got the additional support of a legit company that’s got your back (and pays your base salary).

Work for a company that evolves with you, not the other way around

Some companies expect your life to change and revolve around your work. How about no. Instead, find an employer that evolves with you. Life has its ups and downs, and a good company will give you freedom and flexibility to get your work done but still handle everything you’ve got going on outside of the office. Yeah, perks like yoga and free food are awesome (and we’ve definitely got that here at Aya!), but that’s not all that makes a company a great place to work. You do you, and let your company support you along the way.

You’re already looking at open positions on our website, aren’t you? That’s great! We hope you’ll soon find out why Aya was named one of the best places to work in San Diego and discover that working for Aya Healthcare could be the dream job you didn’t know you were missing.

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