3 Reasons to Face Your Travel Nursing Fears

August 16, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Starting your travel nursing journey can be scary — filled with unknowns and unfamiliar places. But we promise you, it’s worth it.

Aya traveling nurses (and now best friends) Amanda, Dylan and Kaitlyn explain that amazing things lie just beyond the fear of letting go.

  1. The Travel Nursing Edge: Learning New Techniques

    Kaitlyn loves how travel nursing assignments expose her to new clinical techniques. But that wasn’t always the case.

    The Fear: “I started travel nursing after just a year of being a staff nurse,” Kaitlyn explains. “I was TERRIFIED. I didn’t see myself as someone who made these big, scary decisions to travel alone. You’re not sure how the people will be, if they’ll like you or even if you’ll get the hang of the new computer system and docs preferences.”

    The Reward: “I’ve been traveling for four years now and the experience I’ve gained is unmeasurable. I’ve worked on med-surg units, straight cardiac, strictly neuro, ortho focused, float pool and more. I wouldn’t have gained so much experience in different units and sub-specialties in such a short amount of time on staff. You can’t switch jobs or units every few months as a staff nurse without looking a little suspicious.”

    Kaitlyn isn’t the first travel nurse who loves changing things up. Read about what other Aya travel nurses have learned from their exposure to cutting-edge clinical techniques.

  2. Adventure is Out There: A Flexible Travel Nursing Schedule is Too

    Kaitlyn loves how travel nursing assignments expose her to new clinical techniques. But that wasn’t always the case. 

    Dylan’s favorite part of travel nursing? The time off he takes to travel the world as often as he wants! Multiple vacations a year? Yes, please!

    The Fear: “I remember being nervous before travel nursing because of all of the logistics, but for the most part I knew I was ready for it,” Dylan says. “Aya was a tremendous help when I first started. They had a lot of resources for newbies.  They also have jobs almost everywhere and I’ve landed some pretty awesome assignments because of it!”

    The Reward: “Travel nursing is better than staff nursing in almost every way! The best part is I can travel anywhere in the U.S. and take time off between assignments to go wherever I choose. I’ve seen so much of this country — including the southernmost part in Hawaii and the northernmost part in Barrow, Alaska — because of the flexibility of being a traveling nurse.”

    Being a travel nurse can take you unexpected places, like some of the coolest adventure spots in the country! Want some inspiration? Check out these Aya travel nursing stories!

  3. New Friends, Forever Family: Travel Nurses Stick Together

    You’re sure to meet other traveling nurses on assignment. Amanda says the friends she’s made along the way are by far the best part of traveling.

    The Fear: “I was definitely nervous about starting my first assignment,” she recalls. “Just like starting any new job, I was worried about the unknown and the unfamiliar. My friend Brittany (another nurse with Aya,) who I met in nursing school, convinced me to start traveling with her.”

    The Reward: “Travel nursing has been such a fun experience, Amanda explains. “I’ve met so many different people, some that will be lifelong friends. And to think…if I hadn’t started travel nursing, I may have never met them. Traveling has also made me a more confident nurse.You have to put yourself out there, ask questions and start meeting people.”

    “I met Kaitlyn on assignment in Seattle and I met Dylan through Kaitlyn. Recently, Kaitlyn had to have emergency surgery and her family was unable to get there in time. Dylan and I were there for her. I was happy to stay with her in the hospital during and after her surgery. I know she’d do the same for me. Travel nurses are your family when you don’t have any family around. We have to stick together.”

    Ready to make friends, find adventure and learn new nursing techniques on your very own traveling nurse journey? Register today and get connected to one of our recruiters!

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