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Aya Travel Nurse Buys the Car of Her Dreams

Congratulations to our travel nurse, Corinne, who recently purchased her dream car! She never thought she’d land a job that allowed her the freedom and flexibility she has today. Accomplishing this lifelong goal means the world to her. “I’ve always wanted a silver Mercedes,” she said. “I know it’s… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Outdoor Excursions in NH

Who doesn’t love the idea of an extended vacation? Certainly not Courtney, who decided to become an Aya travel nurse because, as she says “sometimes 1 week somewhere on vacation is not enough!” With this career choice she gets to try new things, make new friends and see new sights. Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Onewheels Through Reno

  Our travel nurse, Sarah, is on her first travel assignment in Reno! She’s had the opportunity to work alongside training resident doctors — a first for Sarah — and she’s learned so much from them. Laura enjoys exploring and is very close to beautiful Lake Tahoe! She also… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Hawaii Life

When you grow up with five sisters, traveling can be difficult. That was life for Aya travel nurse Kayla. She vacationed in Myrtle Beach with her family every year, always wanted more. Kayle explains, “I would always see pictures of beautiful beaches and mountains and knew one day… Read More

Stacy is the Ultimate Team Player

Stacy started traveling with Aya in 2014 when she met her recruiter, Solena. Whether she is working tele, step-down or med/surg, Stacy is consistently recognized for being exceptional. Four years and ten assignments later, Stacy is currently in St. Louis, MO, where she once again stands out as a remarkable traveler. Read More

Travel Nursing Pair Visits the Grand Canyon

  Our travel nursing pair, Zach and Robin, recently drove cross country from South Carolina to San Diego! Along the way they stopped at the Grand Canyon – we can’t think of a better way to break up a long drive. They have been looking forward to making… Read More