Aya Travel Nurse Explores The Last Frontier

Our travel nurse, Sharone, is on her first assignment in beautiful Alaska. She tells us that everything so far is going “as promised!”

As a yoga enthusiast Sharone feels that living in Alaska has allowed her to, in her words, “explore the nature side within.” She enjoys the outdoorsy culture and says that everybody she meets just loves being in this amazing place. With the vast space of the Last Frontier comes a few surprises for the traveler. Of her life before Alaska Sharon exclaims, “I never had to beware of bears!”

When she wraps up this assignment Sharone has a long list of states she wants to visit. She plans to work in California, Washington, Hawaii and perhaps Arizona, New Hampshire and Massachusetts! She assures us, “The list continues as my curiosity grows, so stay tuned.”

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  1. Sharone Alston is indeed a renaissance woman. And nursing has opened an innovating position to her and hopefully others that Nursing can be innovative and invigorating as well gratifying.

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