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Congrats to Newly Engaged Aya Travel RN, Kathy!

The story behind these photos is rather remarkable. Kathy’s parents are originally from Cambodia, both refugees from the Khmer Rouge. Kathy’s fiancé, Brian, knew that the country held a special place in Kathy’s heart, and he wanted to head there for their first international trip together. Before they set off,… Read More

Globetrotters Meet up in Colombia

When she couldn’t decide where to settle-down, Sarah turned to travel nursing for help. She thought seeing the country could help her decided on a permanent location. Fast forward four years later, and this go-getter RN made a decision about her permanent spot. She wouldn’t pick one! She’s a die-hard… Read More

Aya Traveler Makes Her Facility Proud

Gina is an Aya traveler working on her third assignment in Murrieta, CA. She is a dedicated, compassionate nurse who has made a lasting impression at every facility she visits. On her current assignment, Gina was working in the Cath Lab with a patient who felt so cared for… Read More

Ambitious RN Arrives in Dallas!

Aya travel nurse Amanda is making herself at home in Dallas. She tells us, “my favorite part about being a travel nurse is how it pushes you to be overly outgoing and makes you so eager to get out and meet so many new people and to learn about their… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Enjoys Seattle

                Aya travel nurse Tiffannie loves her assignment in Seattle! She has met so many people and since she travels with her adorable chocolate lab, Harley, she’s excited the area is so dog-friendly. Tiffanie says travel nursing feels like an “an extended… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Makes the Most of Every Moment

Rachel started traveling with us just last year and thus far, has let opportunity be her guide. California was high on her bucket list so when the chance to travel out West came along, she of course jumped on it! As a NICU nurse, Rachel is committed to her career… Read More