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Aya Healthcare Team Members Jump Start Their Day

Gutcheck Fitness instructors believe the Earth is our gym. Aya team members get a jump start to the day thanks to a free morning, on-site Gutcheck fitness class. Would you like access to free fitness classes, healthy organic food, employer paid premium health care, unlimited time off and more incredible… Read More

Lake Life in Seattle

Aya travel nurse, Katie, recently finished up her 2nd assignment with us in Seattle. She wanted to give a special shout out to her recruiter, Kyle, who has helped her every step of the way! Katie had her heart set on renting a houseboat, which she managed to find… Read More

How-to Make a Healthy Acai Bowl at Home

Want to make your own acai bowl? Below is a delicious acai bowl recipe to try at home. But first, let’s talk about how to make this a healthy meal. The acai berry originates from Brazil and is known for its high antioxidant content. While the berry itself is really… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse Hits 33 National State Parks

Our travel nurse, Megan has visited a total of 33 National State Parks so far and has no plans to stop anytime soon! Here she is at Olympic National Park in Washington. Next on her bucket list is Mount Rainier National Park. We can’t wait to see more photos… Read More

Meet Our Adventurous Travel Nurse, Amber!

Amber is a traveling nurse from southern Indiana. She decided to travel happy with Aya for a few reasons. Looking back at her bold career choice Amber says, “I lust for adventure and new experiences and can’t think of a better way to fulfill those desires.” She recently went… Read More

3 Yoga Poses to Increase Your Hamstring Flexibility

How’s your hamstring health? As a yoga instructor I often hear, “Yoga isn’t for me. I can’t even touch my toes!” Good news: yoga can help! Achieve balance and ease into greater flexibility (not to mention strength) through yoga. Flexible and strong hamstrings are essential to a healthy and happy yoga practice. Read More

Highlands Regional Medical Center of Eastern Kentucky Eliminates Administrative Burden with Aya Clinical Services

Highlands Regional Medical Center of Eastern Kentucky worked with several healthcare staffing firms through their managed services provider. They received a steady stream of qualified candidates but couldn’t review and respond to clinician profiles quickly enough to secure top clinicians before they took jobs elsewhere. Highlands Regional Medical Center’s nurse… Read More