Congratulations, you've decided to become a travel nurse! You're probably asking yourself, "Where do I begin?" This is where Aya Healthcare comes in. We are experts at travel nursing and are obsessive about you having a great travel nursing experience.

First, you'll need a job! We have thousands of open jobs and very strong hospital relationships throughout the country. We know our stuff... this means we know which jobs you're likely to get based on your level of experience and which hospitals are a waste of your time. We listen to your needs and work with you to develop a plan to meet your travel nursing objectives.

Aya Healthcare recruiters are highly knowledgeable and maximize your chances of getting the right travel nurse job.

We provide customized pay packages filled with all kinds of perks like competitive weekly pay, relocation reimbursement, travel per diem, great housing, Blue Shield health insurance, dental, life & vision insurance, licensure reimbursement, 401k plan with employer match, free CEUs, and the best travel nursing experience in the industry!

We really, really care that you have a positive travel nursing experience. We proactively work to anticipate and prevent anything that can go wrong. As an example, we will text you before payroll is processed to make sure that the hospital correctly reported your hours.

We take the extra step because hospitals sometimes (often) make time keeping mistakes and we are obsessive about you having a positive experience on your assignment.

Let's say you're traveling from your assignment in Alaska home to South Carolina and your flight is delayed and you miss your connection in Seattle and you are sleep deprived with nowhere to go can call us in the middle of the night and we will put you up in a hotel... even though your assignment is over and some of our competitors would simply wish you good luck.

If you happen to be on an Aya Healthcare travel assignment on your birthday, we'll send you a pizza... because pizza is good to share with friends and even work colleagues become friends when you share pizza! And we want you to be surrounded by friends on your birthday.

We are so obsessive about you having a positive travel nursing experience, we formed the Nurse Happiness department whose only job is ensure you have a great experience with Aya. When you're happy they're happy. When you're sad, they're sad.


Aya Healthcare has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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