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Facilities across the country are looking for pediatric respiratory therapists — sometimes known as neonatal respiratory therapist or RRT NPS, NICU respiratory therapist, etc. If you’re looking to have an adventure and make a difference (while making money) this could be the career for you. Check out what a few of our travelers have to say about this unique opportunity.

We update our list of jobs every day, so make sure to visit frequently to see what’s new. Apply now and when you log in and find a job match, you can express interest with just one click to let a recruiter know.


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Your Aya Healthcare Team

Your recruiter is your travel guide. His or her job is to listen to your goals and focus your job search to meet those goals.

You’ll also be assigned an entire support team in addition to your recruiter. That team includes a payroll specialist who’ll get you paid accurately and on time, licensing and credentialing experts and even a travel experience specialist. Our Travel Experience Department was created with the sole purpose of ensuring your happiness on assignment. You need anything at all, give them a call.

Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Therapist Salary

Pediatric respiratory therapist pay varies across the country, and from facility to facility. It depends on where you go and when.

The good news is, you choose where to go. You also choose your housing (more on that below) and your benefits package. Many factors go into creating a pay package. Your recruiter can explain how it’s put together and keep you updated on which areas of the country currently pay most.

Where do travel NICU respiratory therapists live?

We take care of housing! You can choose to stay in the furnished housing we provide or take a stipend and find your own. The choice is yours. Choose provided housing for one assignment and the stipend for others — you call the shots!

Again, it’s all up to you. You can switch things up each time. Our housing department will help you out either way. They can point you towards resources to help you find housing you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What states have open neonatal respiratory therapist jobs?

All 50 states open travel RRT NPS jobs at different times. Jobs fluctuate daily. To see what’s currently available, browse the latest neonatal respiratory therapist jobs.

How long are neonatal respiratory therapist assignments?

The average assignment lasts 13 weeks, but shorter and longer assignments are available. You can also ask your recruiter about per diem options!

Where can I make the most money as a pediatric respiratory therapist?

That depends. The highest paying areas change seasonally, depending on demand, etc. Apply now! Then, log in, search jobs, review facility details and compare estimated pay packages nationwide.

Where can I find NICU respiratory therapist jobs near me?

Check out our job search to find NICU respiratory therapist jobs in your neck of the woods or across the country!

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