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Jade G., RN


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Texas is one place where all the clichés are true. Everything really is bigger in Texas. From the portions of BBQ and Tex/Mex to the wide expanse of sky over rugged terrain, the Lone Star State doesn’t disappoint.

Although modern cities dot the vast landscape, Texas has proudly stayed true to its wild roots. In San Antonio they still “Remember the Alamo” and you can walk the same paths as folk hero’s James Bowie and Davy Crockett. A river runs through this amazing city and you can stroll or take a boat ride to visit the stores and restaurants that line the water.

For a taste of the unusual, visit the quirky city of Austin where locals abide by their small business motto to “keep Austin weird.” Food trucks of all shapes and sizes sell every possible delicacy from cupcakes to the famous Torchy’s Tacos. On Rainey Street, houses have been converted into bars, which makes you feel like you are attending an intimate backyard party with close friends, even if you don’t know a soul! Going out on the infamous 6th Street isn’t for the faint of heart. Two step your way over to Dallas and catch a rowdy rodeo where the collegial atmosphere will remind you that the Texas state motto is “Friendship.”

Texas is bursting with outdoor adventure opportunities as well. With 16 national parks and over 350 miles of coastline, it’s easy to escape for a much needed dose of Mother Nature.