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Jade G., RN


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With breathtaking vistas from churning seas to lush forests, it’s easy to see why Oregonians are so proud of their state.

The city of Portland is known for its quirky inhabitants, plentiful microbrews, eclectic restaurants, bustling nightlife, hip music scene and incredible scenery. You don’t have to venture far from town to hike along a quiet trail, paddle a secluded bay or cycle past serene waterfalls. Portland is known as the City of Roses and boasts more than 200 parks within the city limits.

If city life isn’t your thing, head west to Oregon’s pristine coastline. Most of Oregon’s beaches are cool even in summer, beautiful and not overcrowded. You will likely find yourself strolling along a stretch of sand and sky at sunset, or sitting on the beach watching the waves with a cup of steaming-hot coffee in hand. If you’re in the mood for a workout, there are plenty of places to kayak. Many marine mammals love the cold water off Oregon’s coast, so you might even catch a glimpse of a harbor seal playing in the waves or a gray whale’s fluke as it goes down for a deep dive.

From Mount Hood, the tallest peak in this beautiful state, you can see acres of forest and the clear waters of Mirror Lake. Head back down the mountain and end a magical Oregon day sipping some of the region’s famous pinot noir.